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20 February 2011

I Like Eating

This mandarin took me over 45 minutes to eat. After meticulously plucking off all strings from the peel side, I then am compelled to break each slice open, peel the skin off and eat each individual cell.

This is why I can't have nice things.

Hence, the above picture. This is why I hate frozen vegetables. I bought these brussel sprouts less than a month ago and they have a buy-date for sometime in May, yet upon opening, they were yellow, mushy and rotting. During the ice storm I lost power, but never for long enough to turn one bag of vegetables bad and leave everything else in my freezer edible. This picture is from right before they faced a short death in the disposal.

This is the downfall of healthy eating. The options out there are Twinkies, which despite the lack of nutrition and full of some really nasty stuff, will last for a disturbingly long time; or you spend way too long eating a simple fruit or face disgusting farm habits when trying to eat worthwhile foods.


nihil said...

we're doomed to eat garbage. stick with tacos. you can mix spinach in with the meat.