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01 February 2011

Dear Weather

Dear Weather,

I see no need to complain about how cold you are, since this is not a Texas-related occurrence. Your icy blast has engulfed everywhere but Florida and Seattle (hate you Ben and Ja') so our freakishly dropped weather is not that big of a deal.

However, two points:

1. When I finish running 4.5 miles and leave the gym sweaty and only have about 500 feet to walk to my apartment (I made that second number up, I totally can't tell distance. The first one was valid according to Landice 7), please don't blow (feels like according to Weather.com) -1° gusts of wind at me. It's just mean.

2. You ruined Tuesday. It had so much potential this week, and you brought it all to shit.



P.S. I spent most of the day on conference calls sitting in bed as it was the warmest place I could find. Beds are not made for work. You destroyed the comfort of my super-comfy bed. Add it to the bottom of thelist of things you ruined today.