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09 January 2011

Netflix Allows Me to Watch Dumb Shows

Things depicted in the television show Supernatural in Richardson, Tx. that just aren't right:
1. Richardson has haunted farm houses in the woods with dirt roads leading to the old farm.
2. Said haunted house has a root cellar
3. Kids in this area hang out at a large warehouse style 'Rodeo Drive-In'. As said in the show "where do you think kids hang out in a town like this?"
4. Richardson cops all wear cowboy hats.
5. There is a trailer park in Richardson.

Actual Richardson:
1. Bedroom community that is almost fully suburban pre-planned cookie cutter houses. There isn't much of Richardson that isn't built up. The only place I know of that has that much wooded area is the the nature preserve. And while it totally has a rather large hidden graveyard in it, farm houses it is lacking.
2. This area of North Texas doesn't have cellars. The ground is clay and shale. We hide in our bathrooms during tornadoes, not in our cellars.
3. Rodeos are in Mesquite, not Richardson. Only a small distinction if you're not from the area, but a large one for people here. Not everyone in Texas has boots and loves cheesy clich├ęs.
4. From my experience in getting pulled over and watching the cops outside of my local work Starbucks, the cops wear shorts. And half of them seem to be volunteers.
5. That's Plano. And the one depicted is way too pretty to be real.

Yes, it is a ridiculously stupid television show, and I shouldn't except reality. However, I'd hope for the millions used to produce a series, a teeny-tiny bit of research would have been done.