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26 November 2010

Buy Nothing Day 2010

So, I failed at Buy Nothing Day. Foodstuffs were a requirement, although I managed easily on the normal avoidance of superfluous objects I don't really need. Instead, I opted for: Silk Light plain soy milk, Orowheat Health Nut bread loaf, mild cheddar cheese, Cheerios, Crispix, and one 6 pack of unbuttered, unsalted, unflavorful natural microwave popcorn.

Upon reflection of my shopping list, I really need to get back into snack food and junk stuff. If the worst thing I have on my list is cheese, I really need to rethink my priorities.


Also, the best method to counteract the super-over-abundance-Thanksgiving belly is to totally go run 4 miles. And then follow up the next day with a brisk 3 miler in 55° weather. It really feels amazing. Retail therapy cannot even begin to compare.