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19 August 2010

Looking at You Misspellings Chain and McGrossness

Yes, I am biased. I live in a soulless state without the benefit of independent, good coffee shops near where live or work. But, perhaps due to past employment and the idea of who the usurpers were, I had a lot more issue with the 'consumer' winner in coffee tasting over the last few years.

Let me clarify. I hate normal coffee. During my employment at Starbucks, I worked my ass off to become certified for 'Coffee Master' (and within a few weeks after my quitting I would have obtained it), because to me, it was a goal to attain. That said, I have strong opinions on African versus Indonesian coffees, even if I am not a regular partaker. My drink of choice is a triple espresso, also known as a 'Tripplo' by correct coffee connoisseurs (versus my 'Trippio' without a lid I'm given by local barista's), which I then tarnish with fake sugar and enough cream to not burn myself.

And then I chug, since I hate the flavor, and this is the best I can create.

However, I still will give credit to Starbucks for their drip coffee over Dunkin Donuts (I have a disgust over the spelling) or McDonalds (I have a disgust by the thin veiling of Frappuccino being called a 'Frappe') and have been disappointed over the last few years. If the goal IS to make coffee that tastes like cardboard, I'd suggest DD or McD, or even Starbucks 'Breakfast' bleand. Ooooh, yummy.

According to the rest of the survey, if I only liked fast food, I'd do well trying Panera Bread and Five-Guys. Since I'm not a fan of fast food (other than coffee), guess this study is meaningless and I'm just writing a lot of BS.