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01 August 2010

Fujitsu finally makes the list

Major corporations downloading the 100 million Facebook pages off Bittorrent. Including Fujitsu, somewhere in then top largest 60 companies.

Yes, I have been pretty down on my company lately. I'm in the epicenter of a soon to happen quake of implementation of a new system, and it has been hard going trying to bring the impact down as much as possible. But overall, I've had a good time of it at this company compared to some other jobs I've had, and while there is a multitude of things to complain about now, hopefully this will change in the future. That said,I really think there are a ton of people at my job that complain for no reason other than to hear themselves complain, or that they don't understand they are not being asked to do too much work, as they get paid for it. So, in general, this rather makes me laugh, that now all of the wonderful whining and complaining is available publicly, and while it probably is some peon downloading it, I can't help but wish it were the new CEO, and preferably one with a vengeance for anti-company information.

Mostly just for the comedic effect.