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19 December 2009

Lazy Saturday Movies

So browsing the upcoming movie trailers on Apple, I was pleasantly surprised to see a trailer for The Other Side of Paradise, starring an old friend, Arianne Martin. Known her about a decade, from our beginning times as stupid, innocent kids working at Circuit City to later working at Starbucks together. Knew she had finished this project up a while ago, incredibly glad it is getting some recognition. Trailer below:

In other random movie events, can anyone see the reason why Death at a Funeral has been remade, exactly the same, but with a different race and more well known actors? Check out the trailers to see the exact same movie. And really, the midget has to be played by the same actor in both versions? Can someone please give Peter Dinklage some other movies so he doesn't have to play the same part every 3 years? Should I expect to see this in 2013 redone with an Asian cast? Maybe some Eskimo's?