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07 October 2013

Hint, Don't Fall on your Face

Running in Texas is a delicate balance. It's 90+ degrees from April to October (if you're lucky), so good weather is the best thing ever. Saturday brought a cold front, and a 40º drop to 55º (Fahrenheit, for you Canadians). It was bliss. Absolutely bliss. I was able to put on a jacket, sweat and unzip said jacket. I heard a little girl say she could see her breath when she got out of the car. Although doubtful, in Texas, we celebrate the little things. Such as dropping 2 minutes off each mile because even if the humidity was over 80%, I didn't feel like the air was liquid lava.

This week the weather is a high of 85º. I thought this was amazing. My run this afternoon was amazing; the woods were shady, cool, ground was spongy wet, and my time was amazing for my laziness and trail running. I was looking forward to more of the same this week.

Unfortunately, I am the clumsiest person ever, and should be permanently wrapped in bubble wrap. I was doing so well, until that stupid little tree stump this afternoon tripped me up. Jerk. Plus side, my ankles are almost totally okay, which is a new thing. Downside, stupid knees.

Please wish me luck. I need to run. I need to not keep hurting myself. I need everyone to send me bandages and anti-inflammatory drugs.


ja' said...

Maybe you should start wearing knee pads, ankle pads, bubble suit...sucky :(

Steve said...

If it's any consolation... My friend fell off a stationary bike last week.