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18 April 2013

100 Rules of Dinner

Coming from the blog Dinner, a Love Story, are the author's 100 rules for cooking.

11. No need to sift. Whisking is just as effective.
42. There is no such thing as owning too many little bowls.
63. Clean as you go. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough.

 Basically, I agree with a bunch of the ones on the list from Jenny, but I find almost all of Andy's to be worthless. I guess I just don't like the same flavors. I don't care for ice, I don't salt my water, garlic and spinach are amazing, and baking doesn't resemble homework.

 My personal few rules:
  • Always double (or triple) the garlic. 
  • There's always room for more vegetables in any recipe. 
  • Take the time to properly caramelize onions. 
  • Coconut oil is only acceptable if you can completely hide the flavor.