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09 November 2011

Seriously WTF

I hate living in this state. I hate this is my 'representative' and that the majority voted for this ignorant man. I really can understand forgetting the point, we've all been there. However, forgetting your point, when you are running for president, and wanting to eliminate oversight over some of the largest groups that were established to help the common man, makes me cringe. Let's eliminate the education department nationwide, while Texas has the some of the highest levels of drop outs in the country. Let's eliminate commerce departments, because as we can see across the world, companies regulate themselves, and each industry is looking out for balancing the books. And then, let's eliminate the EPA, whose sole purpose is to protect people from not dying slow painful early deaths. Nothing says profits like poisoning the people near you, no need for pensions!

I can understand that some people have a hatred for Wall Street vs hatred for Government. I see why the line is drawn against both and why people can be adamant. I just can't see why the hatred is split. It's the same damn thing.

Rant over, I'll step off my soapbox.


liquidmorpheme said...

A plurality voted for this man, not a majority. Most voters wanted someone else as governor—they just couldn't agree on whom.