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20 June 2011

National Running Day Infographic

Bit of a follow-up to National Running Day. Go me for bringing down the averages on the top three statistics.


Steve said...

The average person buys 3 pairs of running shoes a year? That seems a bit high.

Astatine said...

if you're supposed to replace at 300-500 miles that average out to 18-31 miles per week. that's not hard to attain if you're a serious runner. and i bet a lot of people replace just b/c the shoes are dirty or old. i go through about 2-2.5 pair per year.

Steve said...

Whoa... Even for my 1/2 marathon training, I only ran around 10-12 miles a week. I feel like such a slacker now.

So do you just buy 2-3 pairs of shoes at once? This 2-3 pairs a year thing also seems like a lot of shoe shopping.