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04 April 2011

Breathe, Relax, Repeat

So perhaps it is the combination of the annoying debacle of the dress from China for the wedding, the desire to feel physically different from the draining two weeks I spent holed up in my apartment writing reviews every evening without change, or the freedom that was involved in the daily required walking in Seattle, but I have had constant cravings to exercise in the last few weeks back in Dallas. I have been running consistently for a year, but the last few weeks have made me desire to hit the trails or the gym every day, and feel frustration when I have not been able.

Not to say that the time I have spent in other activities has not been enjoyable. The friends I have seen, the simple act of cooking, sleeping in, etc. have been remarkable. But I hate the feeling when my body requires me to give up. When the muscles ache at night, when I cannot run another step without my lungs exploding or do one more repetition without shaking arms that drop the weight.

I sit here tonight, exhausted, addicted, wanting to do more, prove myself to me, and really, hating the healing time of the body most. Setting goals and seeing results is a driving force, but mostly, I need reminders that not everything can be done at once, that everything takes time.