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28 March 2011

I am a Terrible Dallasite

What you must do in Dallas to be a true Dallasite.

There's like 50 things on this list, and I've done 4.
Plano Balloon Festival - Yes, I've dragged my butt out of bed before to make it to this festival, taken pictures, and other than the adventure involved in jumping a fence and seeing the truth of the landings, there was little to care about. Overrated.
Arts District - Beautiful.
Oak Cliff - I grew up coming to Oak Cliff to visit my grandparents, and having seen it again as an adult, I do love this area. It might be poor, and it might be old, but it has a life that Plano and the other sterile suburbs completely lack.
State Fair - Ew. I don't do over priced rides and games, eat the fried lard on a stick, and hate crowds. It has been over a decade for a reason.