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02 October 2010

FYI Nicole

Dear Stomach,

When you have consumed fewer calories for the day than you have spent, you are supposed to feel hungry. 200 calories of toast for breakfast is less than 350 calories spent running. After said running, your job is to tell the brain that you need fuel to keep the engine going, especially since you didn't bother to eat dinner last night.

Dear Brain,

Be smarter than Stomach. You're running the show, act like it. Decide food is a good option to have earlier rather than 6 hours later. Then act on that decision.

Thanks in advance,

Nicole's Well Being

On a side note, waiting did result in a rather fabulous dinner of Tilapia en Papillote with veggies, herbs and garlic bread!


ja' said...

Yummy! Except for the asparagus, which looks pretty but tastes nasty.