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15 April 2010

On my way home from work

So evidently the Tea Party protesters have been set up all day at Preston and Park in Plano. These people frighten me. Until the private sector will step up and provide the same services at a reasonable rate (reasonable, not free) that the government currently provides, reducing or eliminating taxation makes no sense. Unless of course, you'd prefer a country without roads, defense, education, etc. Great way to think it through, especially here in Plano, when most likely these people have driven to the protest in their Lexus's and BMW's and always grown up in a situation where they benefited from the government resources. Yes, we are lucky to not have a caste system and the ability of changing from a level of poverty to privilege, it doesn't mean that is possible for everyone. Don't whine about having to spend money on taxes instead of going on vacation when there are still areas of the country without clean drinking water.


Steve said...

It makes me angry when parents use their children as props.

I think these people should spend some time in failed states like Somalia or Zimbabwe and get a true taste of what 'less tax' and 'less government' living is like.