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21 October 2009

The Case Against Kids

They can hurt your career, your marriage, your social life, your bank book. Why bother?

Elaine Lui was 29 years old and had been married for a year when she and her husband, Jacek Szenowicz, decided that they didn’t want children. “Before that, we didn’t give it a lot of thought,” says the Vancouver-based eTalk reporter who writes the popular celebrity gossip blog LaineyGossip.com. “It was just an assumption, ‘You get married, you have kids.’ ” Front-line exposure to a close relative’s three young children and the work they required provided a wake-up call, Lui says. “That killed it for us. We just looked at each other and said, ‘We don’t want them.’ ”

..via Steve is Bored...few days later than expected to steal. Along with great follow-up article. I understand how many people disagree, but it is kinda how I've always felt. The vehemence towards my kinda people makes as little sense as being angry someone doesn't share your religious beliefs. That would be the same as me being so angry that most the people I know have kids or some on the way.


Steve said...

Your religion analogy is dead on!

Good parenting is a learned skill and those people who are most adamant that life is incomplete without children are also usually the ones that do not realize that fact. Ironically, they tend to be the worst parents out there.

nihil said...


Rebecca said...

Phenomenal. I loved that article. I've often thought that I might do it different if I could go back.