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05 June 2007

Never Again....

...Do I want to hear someone call me damaged.

Parts I liked:
Translation for Japanese product better than German short
Reddish girl fell way down deep into the snow and then discovered Grandmother's house is fired!
CHIMZTS pig cut in half and happy boy next to him
Child on the conveyor belt of doom
CHIMZYS apparently made from all the animals on the ark
Box of Japanese food appearing over the dead bodies like the wolves gained a level in a video game
Muppet Hyenas

..and they bathed in their blood and ate much meat.


Diavoletto said...

Russian BTW. And has to be the wackiest video I've seen in a while. Good find.

Astatine said...

I couldn't tell when listening to it. Reminded me of Gogol Bordello but then again, I had already consumed a large amount of rum.